Something Old and Something New

Although they are part of an age-old tradition, wedding dresses are not immune to the vagaries of fashion. The perfect image of a long, white gown in satin and lace may be iconic, but the styles many modern brides are choosing are often quite different. While traditionalists may rue the day that the white wedding gown is judged passé by contemporary women, they would do well to consider that this iconic style is, in itself, simply an extended trend.

Queen Victoria of England deserves the credit for popularizing white dresses for brides. Previous to her wedding of 1840, brides dressed according to their social standing in their colors of choice. From the 1960s on, wedding styles generally reflected idealized romance with long, flowing skirts, pearls and lace.

In recent years, however, bridal styles are more eclectic and colorful. While many brides still select traditional wedding hues of white, ecru, ivory or eggshell, others are wearing pink, red, black or gold with glamorous accessories to match. Below are some of the most popular trends in contemporary wedding dresses in Johannesburg.

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1. Lace tattoos

Currently trending are gowns that give the illusion of lacy motifs against bare skin, particularly in the bodice area. Designers accomplish this trompe l’oeil effect by applying lace medallions on sheer backing that lets the bride’s natural beauty shine through.

2. Corset bodices

Corset styling is quite popular as a trend and as a design feature that flatters. Typically, the corset bodice is strapless and has a sweetheart neckline. It may be fashioned from lace. Vertical lines or “stays” mimic foundation garment construction. A corset bodice highlights the bust while slenderizing the midriff.

3. Bead embellishments

Beading and sequins are presently very prevalent in both formal fashions and bridal wear. They impart a rich, Victorian look that is both romantic and trendy. A sprinkling of sequins catches the cathedral light as the bride strolls along the aisle.

4. Ruffles

Ruffles add volume, motion and soft style to wedding dresses. Vertical waves of gossamer ruffles along a belling skirt make the bride feel graceful and look beautiful. Ruffles grouped in sheer and solid layers create added dimension.

5. Peplums

A soft, swingy peplum adds definition to the waist while skirting the hips in fashionable flutters. Very much a feature of contemporary fashion, a peplum adds a bit of flair to a slender, curve-hugging profile, such as a mermaid-style wedding dress.

6. Convertible Dress

One popular version of the convertible wedding gown is a short sheath with a removable full-length skirt. This choice doubles the chances of wearing the fashion more than once. It also is a handy style for both wedding ceremony and reception, especially if dancing is in the plan.

7. Sheer delight

A sheer overlay gives a full-length wedding dress an ethereal, cloud-like look. A full, gathered overskirt atop a narrow base layer sketches a multidimensional vision far more interesting that a single layer. This trend is popular with evening gowns as well.

8. Long, slender sleeves

Thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge, whose trend-setting wedding style still resonates with bridal designers, long sleeves are back in vogue on the wedding circuit. Slender, semi-sheer lace sleeves with scalloped hemlines are among the most sought-after. They lend a formal gown exceptional elegance and style.

9. Beautiful blush

Many celebrities have made blush the “it” tone for contemporary wedding dresses. Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel are among those brides who opted to infuse their wedding attire with a lovely touch of pink or peachy hues.

10. Fascinating finale

Another hot trend in contemporary wedding gowns is an unusual or ornate back. Brides can wow their wedding guests all of the way up the aisle with a back cutout, a lovely lacy panel or other dazzling details.

Fabrics and textures are also at the forefront of the latest wedding dress trends. Lace, a longtime wedding dress staple, is leading the fashion fray. In keeping with the trend toward the romantic, designers are using lace bodices, overlays and top-to-tow cutwork to create feminine, flowing bridal styles.

Necklines for the contemporary bride are beginning to branch out from the strapless look that has held sway for several years. Toward the top of the current trends is the illusion neckline. This consists of a sheer yoke extending from the hollow of the throat to the top of the bust. The sheer area may be unadorned or it may be embellished with lace appliques or beading.

Despite design trends, a bride should choose a wedding dress that reflects or enhances her essential sense of style. Often the most successful gown is a departure from what’s trending and makes a classic statement all its own. When selecting her dream dress, the bride should consider those options that make her look and feel the most beautiful.

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Many people have wondered if they need to hire someone to help them achieve their fitness goals. Some have paid a few thousand so they can have someone to help them when they train and to motivate them to achieve their goals.

Do you need motivation

Some people are really good at getting going in the morning and getting to gym on time. They are focused on don’t seem to need anyone to be there to motivate them. While others are the opposite. They are lazy and not really interested in training. They want to look good but they have a hard time getting to the gym or training while they are are there. Having a PT is great if you lack motivation or just have to break bad habits. The strong support from a trainer will help a lot until you are able to build good habits and get yourself on a good path.

personal trainer

Do you lack the knowledge

When you are new to training you probably have no clue what you are doing. You don’t even know where to start. This is where a good trainer comes in handy. They can show you want to do and how to perform each exercise so you don’t look stupid when doing the wrong thing.

Lacking Experience

You also benefit from their years of experience. You can know exactly what to do to produce results. A certified trainer will know what will get you to your results in the shortest time possible and with the least frustration and disappointment.


So you can see the benefits of hiring a qualified fitness professional. For more information you can go to where you can learn more about hiring a trainer or becoming a fitness professional.


google search


I dont think many people realise the benefit of search engine optimisation and how many new customers they can get by getting their website properly set up. Whenever someone types in a search they are given a list of websites. These websites show up to help the person find what they are looking for. If you want your website to appear there then you need to understand what the search engines want and how to make your website worthy enough to be there.

If you show up on the first page of google for a major search term then you could be getting thousands of new visitors every month. The number is great but what is better is that they are looking for a specific search term which tells you what the visitor wants and how far along they are in their decision to make a purchase. For example a person will search for “property for sale”. This suggests that they are looking to buy a property but its still pretty broad and we cant yet assume if the person is ready to buy. However if a person is looking for “2 bedroom house for sale in [city name]” then this suggests they are closer to buying and they know exactly what they are looking for. Search terms help you to structure your website around what the visitor is looking for. If you can can give them this then your website will probably rank better and will definately convert better.

The better your content the more people will be talking about it and the more natural links you will get. These links help to build your websites reputation and authority helping it to rank better on the search engines. Social links also help when people are talking about your business on facebook or twitter. To learn about how to get your rankings up and how to give the search engines what they love we recommend a company that does seo in South africa. Here is their Facebook page.

Here is a youtube video about how search engines work. Enjoy

Are solar water heaters so popular? It seems to be the case according to what I have been hearing. You are using between 25 and 65 percent of your electricity bill just to heat your water. This seems crazy so I checked. I am using about 50% of my electricity just on my geyser.

Its time to change to one of the reliable solar geysers in South Africa.

So what are the options?

Solar! Firstly solar is free! Well after installation. Secondly you can qualify for a rebate. This is cash back in your pocket. The amound is determined by which solar system you install. The system must have the SABS stamp of approval for you to qualify for cash back. You can get around R 5000 back for installing the right geyser. This is great news!

What happens when there is no sun?

No problem. The systems are installed with a backup so when there is a low amount of solar you can still have hot water through your electricity.

You should look into getting  a solar water heater.

Here is a image illustrating how this water heating system works

how it works

Look at this youtube video. Smart Kid

Once you have set the date the first step is to get your wedding invitations out to your guests. You can do it your self or find someone that you create the invitations for you. Its important that you make enough time to get all the invites ready so that you have a few weeks for the guests to respond. There is nothing worse than getting them out late. Remember guest will need a few weeks notice so they can clear their schedule for your wedding day.


The number of invitations you will need will vary from one person to another. If you are having a few guests then you may be able to create your own handmade invitations. However if you are inviting a few hundred people then it is probably better to pay someone to do the invites for you. A bride has a lot of things demanding her attention so its best to delegate as much as possible to reduce stress. Too many brides like to be involved in every decision and process but this is not advised. Even when you outsource things such as your flowers and invitations there will be other things demanding your attention. Our advice is to make a decision yourself and then let others do the work. You will look back and see the wisdom in this advice. For more you can go to wedding invitations south africa. If you would like to leave a comment you can do so in the form below.


Some People will do anything to get rid of unwanted hair. Woman spend large amounts of time and money to get rid of the hair they dont want on their bodies. Over the past couple of years men have been doing the same thing. So what is the best method of getting rid of the hair you dont want?

The most common methods seem to be shaving and waxing but recently laser hair removal has become popular.


How does it work

A machine or device is placed on the area where you want your hair removed. A concentrated light is then emitted from the machine into the hair and the pigments in the hair absorb the light. This then kills the hair and it is removed.


The benefits of this method of hair removal

You can use it on your arms, chest, legs, bikini, face or other areas of your body where you want to get rid of hair.

9 out of 10 people who use this method to remove hair have permanent results after 3, 4 or 5 sessions.

The laser is able to target the hair and does not damage the skin surrounding the hair.

The procedure is rather fast. Small areas can be treated in minutes and larger areas within 30min to 1 hour.

No more waxing, shaving or plucking anymore. Once you have been a few times for laser treatment you never have to go back. What a pleasure!


So is it safe?

Yes there are side effects and possible problems with this type of procedure. This is why its important to use a company that knows what they are doing.

It is very normal to have some swelling, redness and/or itching around the area where the hair was removed. This should disappear after 2 or 3 days. Ice can be applied after the treatment to reduce swelling and redness.

Sometimes there are other side effects that seem to be less common. Discoloration of the skin or burning the skin is a possibility as well as acne and scabs forming after the procedure. The intensity of the laser must be adjusted to match the persons skin type. This is not the type of thing you want to get from just anyone. Rather pay more and get an experienced person to perform the procedure for you.


Where can I find an experienced hair removal therapist?

There are many places. you can google the nearest one in your area. For a laser hair removal in Johannesburg you can look for laserlabs

It is really important to know how to find a great aupair agency especially if you are signing a 12 month contract. the last thing you want is to have made the wrong choice. We have a few tips to help make your choice easier.

Here are some things to look for.


Can you potentially trust this person?

Trust is crucial. But how do you know you can trust someone before you know them? Trust takes time to develop but their are things you can do to see if they can be trusted. Look for clues. Ask them about their backround. Their family, friends, previous employment, any problems with the law. Watch closely when they talk and interact with those around them. It helps to see how they interact with you and your family.

Are they likeable?

If you dont like them on their first impression its not likely going to change over time. Birds of a feather flock together. If you can get along with them then this is a great sign but dont use this as your only indicator when deciding whether to hire them or not.

A interview will probably not help in your decision

Meeting with them for a short interview will probably not help. They will be nervous. You may be nervous and you probably wont get to see the real person and may make inaccurate judgements about them. We suggest that you spend some time with the candidate in a social setting where they feel comfortable or where they are not thinking about making a impression. A game of tennis or squash. anything that will distract them from thinking too much. You want to get them to be as natural as possible so you can get to know the real person. It helps to do something they enjoy or take interest in what they love. This can give you great insight into the person you are interviewing

Follow up on references

Call the aupairs previous employers and get a feel for what other people are saying about the person. Good references are gold especially if they are in the same job that you are looking to hire someone for.

Follow your inner voice.

Your instinct or inner impressions are very important. If you feel something is off or does not add up then you should be cautious. A lot of the time we are not aware of small details that our sub-concious mind may notice.

If its too good to be true?

Then it probably is. If the candidate is smooth and good with words then you should be careful. Certain people know how to sweet talk others and they may be very charming. Even though this is not always a warning sign its important to take not of it if it happens.

Ask someone with experience.

Contact a agency or someone who has experience with placing aupairs. Its helpful to get their knowledge and experience especially if its your first time hiring someone to take care of your children.


BEE Explained

Black Economic Empowerment often referred to as BEE is an initiative started by the south African Government to help the previously disadvantaged black people of South Africa who where oppressed during the apartheid. The Government also aims to redistribute wealth and encourage companies to employ more black staff as well as developing their skills.

To accomplish their goals they passed the Black Economic Empowerment act. Now all companies are encouraged to become BEE compliant. Any company that is not compliant will feel the pressure and start to loose competitive advantage due to their suppliers wanting to only do business with companies with a BEE certificate as this helps them with gaining their own BEE Certificate.

Small companies referred to as EME’s will get a BEE status very easily but with larger businesses the procedure is more complicated. Larger companies are measured against a BEE scorecard which measures back ownership, black management, Skills development, socio-economic factors and employment equity. Any business with 50 million or more in turnover is referred to as a Generic Enterprise and it is extremely tough to do business without a BEE status.

Criticism of the BEE Act


While it may seem like this policy is trying to create fairness it is not the case when implemented. This policy seems to only benefit a small part of the black population. The ANC government is heavily criticized for using the law and policies to fill their own pockets and the Black Economic Empowerment act seems to help a small minority to become very wealthy. Desmond Tutu has criticized the ANC (African National Congress) for passing the BEE act into law.  Companies no longer hire the most qualified person. They now consider less qualified candidates to gain a better BEE status. This problem is also creating a “brain drain” since the qualified white workers are having to leave the country in search of employment. South Africa is being drained of its skills and experienced people. The more corruption there is in a country the poorer its citizens become. While creating equality is the goal of the black economic empowerment act we see a different outcome to what we are told. Inequality is created for the white citizens of South Africa and even for a large percentage of the black people have not received any benefit thus far.

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